This premium Rosé – the second release in the Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Wine Collaboration – comes from the South of France and has been crafted in  partnership with a family estate from Provence, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) and Invivo. The final blend was selected by SJP and Invivo over an afternoon of tasting and assessing.


A gorgeous shade of blush pink in the glass, the aroma profile invokes clear rose petals and bright summer berry characters, wrapped in a minerality that makes this wine exceptionally fresh. It’s a wine that can be serious but is also seriously fun. SJP Rosé is full bodied with great complexity and elegance, delicious on its own or with a range of cuisine.


5 stars / 94 points, Wine Orbit: This is instantly appealing on the nose showing grapefruit, crunchy apple and nectarine characters with a hint of sweet raspberry. The palate delivers terrific fruit intensity and vibrancy, combined with fine texture and bright acidity, finishing delightfully long and refreshing. At its best: now to 2022.

Silver Medal, International Rosé Championship 2020



This wine has been crafted in collaboration with the family estate from Provence, Vins Chevron Villette. The grapes come from the famous ‘Golden Triangle’, situated in Saint Tropez, inland between Puget‑Ville, Les Arcs and Le Thoronet Abbey, which was built in the late twelfth and early thirteenth century. Le Thoronet is known for its clay‑limestone soil, while Puget‑Ville & Les Arcs are of Argilo‑siliceous soil.


The Invivo X, Sarah Jessica Parker Rosé is all about expressing the very best of the Provence vineyards we source from. With this comes cutting‑edge technology and a ton of winemaking experience. We also try to be as sustainable as possible, with the winery almost entirely run on solar energy.

To guarantee the long living delicate aroma and flavour‑profile of Provence Rosé requires extremely careful handling of the fruit.
To that end we harvest only at night when the heat of the vineyard is at its lowest. The fruit is a mix of machine and hand harvested – machine in certain sites to ensure the shortest possible time from vine to press.

As the fruit is received at the winery it undergoes the revolutionary ‘optical sorting’ process – where the berries are put through the de‑stemmer and on the way to the press, pass on a conveyor where a computer visually assesses each berry. If the berry is not of optimum integrity, a microjet of air will remove the damaged or faulty berry from the sort! This incredible technology guarantees only the cleanest, most perfect fruit make it into this wine. From here the fruit enters the press to be gently squeezed under 100% inert nitrogen gas and finally into tank for settling and fermentation. We use a range of yeasts designed to maximise aromatic intensity but also retain mineral freshness and the wine is minimally treated on its way to bottle.


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